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BR24-App: “Personalization, personalization, personalization”

The Bavarian Broadcasting Company (Bayerischer Rundfunk) is a public-service radio and television broadcaster, based in Munich. BR is part of a consortium of public broadcasters in Germany and derives its income mainly from viewer and listener license fees. Every household...

/ 29. September 2015

Hubert Burda Media: Transforming Big Data into value

Hurbert Burda Media (HBM) is one of largest media companies in Germany, based in Offenburg, Munich and Hamburg. 10 300 employees have generated external sales of € 2.5 Billion in 2014. € 1.3 Billion were accounted for “Digital brands national”,...

/ 31. August 2015

Netflix: Personalization and Content-Development with Predictive Analytics

Attention is a scarce resource in our information-rich digital world. Content is abundant and supply exceeds demand by far. Music streaming-services are providing databases with more than 30 million songs in stock. The on-demand streaming-service Netflix has more than 10...

/ 15. August 2015

Creativity + 3D Technology = Smart Business

The digitization of former physical goods such as music, movies, books or magazines have extensively eroded traditional business model structures. Some branches of the Creative Industries had to radically rethink their creation of value. These days CI-companies are deeply engaged...

/ 7. August 2015
Shazam on iPhone

Shazam: New business models with Big data

You might not be well acquainted with the term “Creative Industries” although you are using apps or visiting platforms that provide you with heaps of music, films, games, e-papers or e-books on a daily basis. So what are “Creative Industries”...

/ 31. July 2015