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The smart glove for the industry

The glove, that thinks for itself. With its help work in the future should be more efficient and ergonomic.  Thanks to RFID and motion tracking, the ProGlove identifies which component the wearer of the ProGlove picks up and controls while  simultaneously...

/ 5. February 2016

LBR iiwa – Adaptive Assembly

Thanks to its sensitivity, KUKA's LBR iiwa can assemble non-rigid parts in human-robot collaboration or independently. KUKA's robots can play a crucial role in the future of production because of the  high functionality and possible fields of application. Read More

/ 17. April 2015

Integrated Drive Systems on its way to Industrie 4.0

Ralf-Michael Franke, CEO Drive Technologies, Siemens: Based on our "Integrated Drive Systems" concept - and thus the integration across the horizontal, vertical and life cycle levels - we showcase the development of Siemens drive technology along the way to Industrie...

/ 12. April 2015

BeeWaTec Industry 4.0

A company that is successfully doing „Lean-Management" and who has a almost perfect work organization probably has a production area where each item has its place and name. Practically quite often employees complain that, despite of the complete labelling of...

/ 12. April 2015

Industry 4.0 – Smarter Production Read More

/ 12. April 2015

Industrie 4.0: Industrial Automation Services as part of the Cloud

Institute Industrial IT (inIT) of the OWL University in Lemgo/Germany is the Cloud Innovation World Cup Winner 2014 Category Industry 4.0. Future automation systems should meet fast growing market demands by providing agile and flexible production lines. In-addition, competitive production...

/ 12. April 2015

The Journey to Industry 4.0 – Jeff Connolly

Siemens CEO Australia, Jeff Connolly gives a presentation at CEDA's Advanced Manufacturing publication launch in Melbourne, Australia. He talks about the journey to industry 4.0 and highlights both opportunities and challenges. Read More

/ 9. April 2015

Germany’s Industrie 4.0 Strategy event – Royal Academy of Engineering

On 4 February 2014, Professor Henning Kagermann, President of acatech, Germany's national academy of science and engineering, and former CEO of SAP delivered a presentation at the Royal Academy of Engineering outlining Germany's Industrie 4.0 strategy -- an attempt to...

/ 9. April 2015

Realize industry 4.0 with Siemens Data Driven Services

Imagine a machine in a factory, that can automatically determine that a part will fail in two weeks also automatically ordering a replacement at the same time. Or a imagine the factory automatically measuring its energy consumption and optimizing it...

/ 9. April 2015

Spotlight: Industry 4.0 and SmartBridge – Interview with Dr.-Ing. Peter Adolphs

Industry 4.0 is a heavily discussed topic in automation. How will industrial sensors be affected by the trend? Which chances does the future hold? Dr. Peter Adolphs, CEO Development & Marketing at Pepperl+Fuchs, gives an insight on how Pepperl+Fuchs approaches...

/ 7. April 2015