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Industry 4.0 key elements by IBM

Matthias Dieter points out his key elements of Industrie 4.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c45jr9lMQkc Read More

/ 7. April 2015

Industry 4.0 – The Technological Revolution continues!

The world is facing a technological revolution, which will also change society. Due to a new value-added chain in factories, today's machine no longer „blindly" processes a workpiece, rather the workpiece tells the machine what to do. The workpiece knows...

/ 29. March 2015

Industry 4.0 – Next Steps

Germany is in the midst of a technological breakthrough. The German mechanical engineering sector has spurred industrial progress globally for years. The term "industry 4.0" thereby stands for the vision of a fourth industrial revolution. But is it really a...

/ 29. March 2015