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The smart glove for the industry 산업현장의 스마트글로브

The glove, that thinks for itself. With its help work in the future should be more efficient and ergonomic.  Thanks to RFID and motion tracking, the ProGlove identifies which component the wearer of the ProGlove picks up and controls while  simultaneously...

/ 3. March 2016

The Cloud Sets the Course for Industry 4.0

Here in Germany, cloud services are only very slowly growing in popularity. This jeopardizes the extent to which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from the Industry 4.0 trend, as highlighted by the results of the IT Innovation Readiness...

/ 3. March 2016

Shazam: New business models with Big data

You might not be well acquainted with the term “Creative Industries” although you are using apps or visiting platforms that provide you with heaps of music, films, games, e-papers or e-books on a daily basis. So what are “Creative Industries”...

/ 2. August 2015