Here in Germany, cloud services are only very slowly growing in popularity. 독일에서의 클라우스 서비스는 아주 느리다. This jeopardizes the extent to which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from the Industry 4.0 trend, as highlighted by the results of the IT Innovation Readiness Index 2014. 인더스트리4.0의 이익이 이런 이유로 SMB 기업들에게 불리하게 돌아가도 있다. The index is a follow-up study conducted by the independent market research agency Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) on behalf of Freudenberg IT. Approximately 40 percent of all SME manufacturers still categorically reject cloud computing. At 0.6 index points, the change in the index rating of cloud solutions does reveal a faster rise than other megatrends, but the absolute acceptance level of 3.4 is still the lowest of all. This comes from a lack of trust in data security and data protection in cloud computing. Regular reports about spying by foreign agencies only fuel this mistrust.

인더스트리4.0에 있어서 클라우드 컴퓨팅의 역할이 중요하다

It’s time to act now because the cloud is an important driver for Industry 4.0 and thus central to securing the future competitive edge of German manufacturing. The relationship between cloud computing and Industry 4.0 is highly multifaceted. For example, as networked machines communicate automatically with intelligent materials and work pieces, Industry 4.0 setups are leading to a veritable explosion in data volumes. Conventional IT systems located in a server room in the basement won’t be able to manage this rapid data growth in the long run. But even beyond Industry 4.0, cloud computing is already incredibly important for competitiveness. That’s because the cloud also offers SMEs a chance to increase efficiency and reduce costs thanks to highly innovative IT solutions – without major outlays.

It is now up to the IT service providers, politicians and association representatives. While IT service providers have to step up a gear when it comes to convincing customers about the benefits, politicians and associations also have a responsibility to bear. They have to accelerate the expansion of broadband infrastructures and ensure that this infrastructure is reliable and secure for use by German manufacturers.

Foto: Flickr/Torkild Retvedt (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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